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Ordinary wear excepted, you must return the car to Hertz in the same condition it is in when you receive it. You must return the car to Hertz by the due date specified on the front, or sooner if demanded by Hertz. In no event may you keep the car for more than thirty (30) days, unless authorized in writing by Hertz. If you do not return the car when required by the agreement, then after Hertz sends you a written demand to return it, sent to your address on the front or otherwise provided to Hertz, Hertz may at your expense, recover the car where and when it is found. If the car is found illegally parked, apparently abandoned, or is used or obtained as prohibited under Paragraph 5 of the agreement, Hertz may recover the car without demand. To the extent permitted by law, you waive any right to any hearing or to receive any notice or legal process, as a precondition for Hertz recovering the car. Any vehicle mechanical problems should be reported at once. We will promptly switch vehicles with you. No credit will be given on problems not reported in advance.

If the car is used as permitted by the terms and conditions of this agreement, the following applies:
(a) You are responsible for any and all loss of or damage to the car resulting from any cause regardless of fault.
(b) Your responsibility will not exceed the full value of the car at the time it is lost or damaged, less its salvage value, plus actual towing, storage and impound fees, and a reasonable charge for loss of use.
(c) You are responsible for any loss or damage to the car resulting from accidental fire or acts of nature.
(d) If, at the beginning of the rental, you accept the optional Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), which is not insurance, Hertz will not hold you responsible for accidental vehicle damage due to collision or upset unless such damage results from a prohibited use of the car. A written description of the operation of CDW protection is available from the Hertz agent at the time of rental and you are urged to obtain a copy.

This is only a partial excerpt from the Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions.

Please see your Hertz Rental agent for a full, detailed list including: prohibited uses of the car, authorized users, payment of charges, computation of charges, fuel & service charges, responsibility of property, liability protection, accidents, theft and vandalism, non-liability of customer, waiver or change of terms, customer insurance, airport closings and truck renters Hertz wants to make sure everyone who rents their vehicles, whether you are a local or just visiting, obeys traffic laws and drives safely.


Remember in the Virgin Islands and on St. Croix, we drive on the left side of the road.

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